“My supervisor has been booking speakers for our conference for ten years and said that Carol Saline was the best speaker she ever heard! And that’s going some. Carol was also personable, taking time to greet the attendendees, sign books and just visit with the women.”

Barbara Devetski, administrative director
The Women’s Fund for Her

“Your deep passion and commitment to your work is inspiring and your presentation was fabulous. Thank you for a memorable evening.”

Mary Ellen Mc Clean, producer
Open Visions Forum, Fairfield University
Fairfield, Connecticut

“You were the spark that ignited the audience. You enchanted us all with your charm, your intelligence and your skill as a raconteur.”

Frandee Wolf, Director Women’s Division
Bonds for Israel
Bethesda, Maryland

“What a vitalizing presentation. We found your program informative, interesting and entertaining.”

Diane M. Korona
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Dearborn, Michigan

“Many women at our luncheon said you were ‘the best ever’ and they loved you.”

Terri Swirnoff, assistant executive director
The Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

“Thank you again and again for the sensational manner in which you conducted our program. The energy, humor and aplomb that you added helped make it a resounding success.”

Faye Wattleton
Center for the Advancement of Women;
New York

“Your presentation was unlike anything I had ever seen before and I assure you that a lot of San Franciscans were both touched and awestruck. We especially loved the beautiful tie-in to our bonding generations theme.”

Jessica Ravitz, Women’s Division Director
Israel Bonds
San Francisco

“While our ‘Friends’ group has created many fabulous events and fundraisers over the years, few have left such an indelible mark as yours.”

Beth Buckley
Pennsylvania Hospital

“Thank you for an extremely exciting presentation. Everyone learned something valuable and we were delighted by your entertaining and humorous way of putting your points across.”

Kirsten Anderson
Allentown County Chamber of Commerce
Allentown, Pennsylvania

“Your remarks touched the hearts of our Hadassah women. I truly believe they were inspired and enriched by your insights.”

Ethel Fischer, Executive director
Hadassah of Greater Baltimore