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Speech Topics

The Ties that Bind: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Best Friends

A moving and entertaining presentation beloved by audiences nationwide. Based on her three best-selling books, Saline shows the many ways that men and women enrich their lives by forming and strengthening meaningful relationships. You will go home with your heart touched and your soul enriched.

Mothers and Daughters

Every woman is a daughter. Carol Saline takes an emotional walk through one of life’s most demanding, complicated, rewarding, and loving relationships — the bond between mother and daughter.


Drawing from the essays of her best-seller Sisters, Carol Saline goes on a dramatic journey into the meaning of this profound and unique relationship. As you enter the lives of different women you will laugh and cry and come to understand why a sister is a forever friend.

Been There, Done That — and Loved Every Minute

In her 40 years as an author and journalist, Carol Saline has traveled the globe, visited federal prisons, worked the Paris collections, shopped with a transvestite and his wife, hobnobbed with major celebrities, sat with the homeless, met fascinating people like a woman who became a man and a female helicopter pilot who lost both legs in the Irag war — and more. In this entertaining and eye-opening memoir, she shares tales of courage, inspiration, and glamour from a writer’s world.

If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen: The Wit and Wisdom of Carol Saline

“Did you hear the one about the …? “ Carol Saline, a consummate entertainer, weaves together jokes, stories, and words of wisdom into a presentation perfect for any audience. She will have you laughing out loud as she delivers some of life’s great lessons with humor and insight.

At a Loss for Words

Everyone these days has a friend or loved one who is dealing with cancer and we all struggle with how to talk them about the situation. Based on interviews with patients and therapists, medical writer Carol Saline, herself a cancer survivor, tells us what we should say and what we should avoid when dealing with this explosive subject. Learn how to be comforting, how to read the signs when advice is or isn’t welcome, and how to offer the right kind of help. In her trademark lively style, Saline gives you the tools and confidence to cope with discussing cancer and assisting care-takers.

Second Acts: How to Create a New Career

More and more people reach midlife and decide it’s time for a major change. Maybe they are re-entering the job market or maybe they are switching careers. But they are uncertain how to navigate uncharted waters. In this motivational talk, Carol Saline gives a formula for how to enter the next phase — whatever that is. Perfect for budding entrepreneurs or people just stuck in a rut who want to move forward.

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